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The Art of Going Green featured a re-constructed tree sculpture identifying the thoughts and emotions of participants on subjects on the environment. Participants were encouraged to fill a plastic water bottle with natural debris and provided plastic waste followed by the attachment of feelings, suggestions, issues, etc. pertaining to the local environment.

Team Members:

Melyssa Fortini, Brian Pilot, Kari Fortini, Kaitlyn Russell

Made Possible by:

FIGMENT, North Adams Sheet Metal, and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts



The Greenhouse Project is an art installation featuring an eight-foot by eight-foot greenhouse with an angled roof and walls made from recycled water bottles. The structure housed a variety of plants and a large canvas for a collaborative community art activity. Guests to the installation were offered packets of wildflower seeds and encouraged to use available ink pads to place their fingerprint on the large canvas inside the installation. At the end of the one-day event, the canvas reflected a tree made up of the fingerprints of community members, visitors from out-of-town, and those working on the project.


Team Members:

Melyssa Fortini, Brian Pilot, Kari Fortini, Kaitlyn Russell, Cheyenne Vanbramer,

Kate Vogel, Breanna Castor, Zoe Villane, and Naudia Sanchez

Made Possible by:

FIGMENT, Mt. Williams Greenhouse, Northern Berkshire Contractor, and North Adams Sheet Metal